Episode 2 Hide and Seek with a Shark?

Well, now where was I? Oh yes, Trevor and Venice were going to make this a Christmas that no one would ever forget. And it was 565 years ago, ok, sorry! That might have been an exaggeration because it was 1877, and as most people know 2017 (which is now) subtract 1877 which was then is 140 years . And, Great, Great, Great and Great Grammy and Papa were living in Massachusetts on a very big farm with many animals and birds and even several ponds with lots of fish and family. But the biggest fish any of them had ever seen was from a photograph that Venice’s Papa Rick had taken of a shark in Boston. Everyone wished they could go to Boston one day, too, and see one themselves.

The morning after Venice and Trevor made their promise about Christmas, they heard a horse and sleigh coming to the farm with its sleigh bells ringing.

“Hey! Maybe it’s Santa.” Venice said running down the stairs and into the livingroom. .

” No, it’s only December 5th, son,” Eric told his son Venice.

Trevor came running down the stairs behind Venice and grabbed Venice by the hand. “Come on,” He said. “Let’s go see who it is.”

Just as they ran out of the livingroom, Venice looked up at the wall where his Papa’s photograph of the shark hung. He could hardly believe his eyes, but he really thought the shark winked at him. “Nah,” he said. “That couldn’t happen.”

What?” Trevor asked.

“Oh nothing. It, it just looked like that shark winked at me.”

“Oh, you and that shark!” Trevor said. “Really! The next thing you know you will be playing hide and go seek with him instead of me!”

“Sure, right!” Venice said. “Come on lets go see who is coming.”

So, who do you think it was? They had a big sleigh, two beautiful horses, one white, one black, and there was a little girl all covered with warm blankets, and a Dad, and a Mom with a fairly big popping out belly. Do you know who they are?

Well, if you be extra extra special good and be special nice to your Grammy, maybe tomorrow I will tell you who arrived and what in the world is the matter with that shark. Good Night.

Trevor, it is your turn to name the topic for tomorrow. What do you want Grammy to tell the story about next?

Trevor’s choice is guitars and music.


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