Episode 3 Rhyvre, Rhea, and Chase

“It’s Rhyvre!” Trevor and Venice both shouted. “Rhyvre!!”

“We thought you were coming in two days.” Eric said to Chase and Rhea.

“We were until we heard about the storm from Jill.” Rhea said. “You know that Jill is never wrong about a storm, and she says there is a lalapaloosa of a storm coming in tomorrow night.”

“Oh wow! I didn’t notice any storm, but your right. Jill is always right about the storms.” Eric said. “And that is probably why Papa Ron’s back is hurting more. If he can tell that pain from his kidney stone. It must be really really big cause it should’ve passed before now. ”

“I’ll come with you to brush the horses.” Eric said to Chase.

“Me, too, Eric.” Rhyvre said. She never liked to miss out on anything fun.

“No, baby girl, not today. It is way too cold. And a storm is coming. I am going to help our cousins get their chores done.” Chase told Rhyvre. ” “That storm might keep us all in the house for a very long time.”

Rhyvre was going to insist that it wouldn’t be too cold for her, but she began to think it might be more fun going inside with Venice and Trevor. And then her Daddy said she might have to help her mother because her new baby sister would be coming along soon. Rhyvre also liked to help her mother especially now she was expecting a baby in about three months.

“I guess I should go to Orange to Aunt Sherry’s house and get Grammy if there is going to be a big storm,” Papa Rick said to everyone as he came out to harness some horses. Grammy was visiting her cousin Sherry. Great Grammy, Gramma Shura and Papa Rick and Eric, Kristen and Venice and Chrissy and Trevor all lived at the farm in Wendel Depot. Aunt Sherry who wasn’t really any of their aunts was Great Grammy’s cousin. Rhea and Eric were cousins, and Trevor was Rhea’s cousin, too. And Laura and Chrissy were sisters. They had another sister, too, Aunt Debbie. She lived in Boston and was on her way to the farm for Christmas. “Oh, no!” Rhea said. “I hope she gets here today before the storm”

“I wrote her a letter and told her to leave a day or two early just in case, but we can only hope for the best.” Laura was also known as Gramma Shura, a name Venice had for his grandmother.

The house was very busy. And everyone was either cooking or doing something to get a big breakfast ready, so no one noticed where the kids had gone, but just then they all heard a familiar song being played on the guitar.

Everyone knew it was Trevor. Even at just 5 years old, he could play almost any instrument you ever heard of, and he loved the guitar the most.

“Well, at least we know where the Kids are.” Laura said and everyone listened to “Jesus loves me yes he does ” sung by the sweetest voices ever, until all at once, it got eerily quiet. Not another word, not another plucked guitar string. “What in the world?” Chrissy said. “What made them get so quiet.”

“Well, that’s very rare. There isn’t a sound from them.” Rhea said.

“Venice, Trevor, Rhyvre? What are you three up to?” Gramma Shura asked.

Still no guitar strings. Still no words. Still no sound at all!

So, if you try to be extra extra helpful with everyone tomorrow, Grammy will try to tell you the next part of the story and maybe you will find out what happened to all the nice music and what the three little cousins are up to. 🙂

Rhyvre’s turn to choose the topic for the next section. Let me know what you want Grammy to tell the next part of the story about, Rhyvre.

Here is a picture Aunt Pat took of Grammy working on the Christmas Story.

Good night.

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