Episode One

Grammy’s mother and father, Frank and Eunice Touchette in front of Grammy’s Grandmother and grandfather’s house in Wendel Depot

Once five hundred sixty-five years ago two cousins named Trevor and Venice were thinking about Christmas. “Do you remember last Christmas?” Trevor asked Venice. ” Well, yes, most of it.” Venice said. He was only four. “Me, too.” Trevor,  who was five said. “Hey!” both boys said at the same time. “Hey what? Venice asked. “Let’s make this Christmas a year we will never forget,” “Oh, yeah,” said Venice, “That would be a lot of fun. When will we start?”

“First thing tomorrow morning,” Trevor said.

“Trevor!” Chrissy, who was Trevor’s mother,  called to him
“Venice!” Kristen, who was Venice’s mother called.

“In the morning!” Venice called back to Trevor as he ran off.

“Mmmm,” Trevor said. “should I go in or maybe go play in the barn?”… But just then two of the barn cats almost knocked Trevor over as they ran out of the barn with Carlos running as fast as he could behind them. “Must be a sign.”  Trevor said and decided to play inside and make his Mom happy.

And if you be very good all night long maybe tomorrow Grammy will tell you what happened next.

Venice’s turn to choose a topic for the day. What do you want Grammy to tell the story about tonight, Venice?



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