I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy.  Yes, your joy will overflow.  John 15:11

In this verse, Jesus is talking to the disciples, and that means to you and I.  If you follow Jesus, all the promises he made are for you.  Let’s look at what Jesus says will make us overflow with joy?

First, he says that he loves us just like the Father loved him. There can be no greater love.  When you feel this love you will begin to feel the joy.   Then,  he says “When you obey my commandments, you remain in my love, just as I obey my Father’s commandments and remain in his love.”  John 15:10.  As usual, in this verse, there is a requirement. You have to obey his commandments.  He also, basically, says that if he can do it, so can you.    And really it isn’t that difficult.  In 1 John 5:3, the disciple John writes “In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome.”  This is because for the most part it is just about doing what we know is right and good.

Jesus said there were two commandments that were the most important ones: to love God with all your heart and, equally important, to love one another.  (Matthew 23:38)  If you begin with these two and just do what you know is right and good, you will be very close to following all the commands. And you will begin to feel the joy.

There are a lot of things I want to be part of my life, but joy is the one that runs in the background of all the others.  I want  to be loved, but joyously.  I want to have hope and faith and peace, but while I  experience these I  would like to be filled with joy, sometimes the kind of joy that makes you laugh out loud and sometimes the kind that just makes you feel like smiling.  A happy heart warming everything else would be my favorite kind of joy.

If you would like some joy in your life or a happy heart, there is no better place to find joy than in the Bible.  Below are my posts on joy in the Bible with an explanation and a little opinion and storytelling thrown in.  I hope you will enjoy them,and apply them in your life.

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