Episode 5 Trent and Savannah, and Silas are saved


December 12! All right! Trent has revealed that Silas chooses Christmas Eve and the elves. Always a special good topic. And just in time. Update on Grammy’s health first. Felt much better today. Knee especially better. Third day back on my diet with smoothies. I feel stronger. I can walk better and sturdier. I have more energy. Not great energy but at least some.

So, as I remember, Papa Rick had gone to Orange to get Grammy from Aunt Sherry’s. Debbie was coming from Boston, but no one knew exactly where she was. Uncle Darrel was reading and Gramma Shura and Rhea were looking for Venice, Trevor, and Rhyvre. And the shark was winking at the dog in their pictures. And Kristen and Chrissy were making breakfast. But where was Trent, Samantha, and Baby Silas? Mmmmm. No one had heard from them. Everyone was expected to be at Grammy’s and Papa Ron’s for Christmas. Surely they knew a storm was coming. They only lived over in Gardner. Surely, he would be there soon. Maybe they would bring Uncle Billy, Trent and Trevor’s Dad,  with them since he was helping a widow in Gardner bring in her wood for the season. But no one had heard from any of them. The road Debbie would travel from Boston would go right through Gardner, then Athol, and then Orange, but Grammy lived just a little South of Orange in Wendell Depot.

Meanwhile, while Papa Rick got to Aunt Sherry’s in Orange, and Darrel decided to take a quick nap after he finished a chapter in his book, and while Gramma Shura and Rhea got ready to look outside for Trevor, Venice, and Rhyvre, and while Papa Ron tried to stay in bed and hoped his kidney stone would pass so he would get better for Christmas. And while Eric and Chase worked on finishing the chores before breakfast was ready, Trent came to in what felt like something cold and wet. He rubbed his head and tried to remember what had happened. “What in the world was that?” Savannah said.
“Where are you?” Trent asked  opening his eyes and looking around at all the snow?
“Over here,” Savannah said. “We must have gone over the rocks and got thrown out of the wagon.”
Now Trent knew where they were. They had been on their way to Grammy’s house in the storm, and they had only left Gardner about twenty minutes ago. At least, it seemed like 20 minutes. Then…. Trent and Savannah screamed for Silas at once the same time!  To their surprise they didn’t here him crying. Instead they heard him laughing and then they heard sleigh bells. And a funny little voice saying koochy koochy koo. Suddenly, their wagon and horses returned as if it had come back to pick them up and Silas was sitting on the seat with a very funny looking old man. He had lots of wrinkles, bright blue shining eyes, a tiny pointed green hat and a furry warm red coat. His ears were large and pointed and his toes were pointed, too! And instead of a cane to help him walk or a proper walking stick, he was carrying a big paint brush!

“Took quite a fall, now, didn’t you?” He said. “I saw these old grey mares and this funny little driver. Maybe the smallest driver I ever did see. I just thought I might help him come back for his Mom and Dad.”

“And you are?” Trent asked.

“Phineas Glouster Henry John Lee McMasters.” He said. “But most people they call me… Well, actually, I don’t know many people, but most of my friends just call me MacFinny.”

Trent and Savannah both thanked MacFinny for rescuing Silas and tried to stand up, but it didn’t work too well. It turned out Savannah had sprained her ankle, and Trent strained his wrist. “No problem,” the odd little man named MacFinny said. “Let me help you two into the wagon, and Silas here and I will drive you to someone who can help. Before long they were back on the road that seemed a lot more packed down then before and the runners Trent had put on the wagon a month or so ago seemed to slide along quite easily and then they noticed it wasn’t snowing. They noticed one other thing. Nothing looked familiar. In fact, it didn’t look like they were on route 2 from Gardner to Wendell Depot. No,  not at all.

Now, if you promise to be exceptionally brave tomorrow and kind, then perhaps I will tell you some more tomorrow. There is a lot to learn. Where is Aunt Debbie? What happened to Trevor, Venice, and Rhyvre? Will Rhea and Grammy Shura find them? Was Uncle Billy with Trent and his little grandson Silas? Will Papa Ron’s kidney stone pass? Will Papa Rick get Grammy? Will anyone ever eat the breakfast Kristen and Chrissy are cooking? What will happen to Uncle Darrel when he wakes up? And whatever happened to Uncle Ebrima? Someone said he was driving one of those big big wagons with six white horses. In fact, it was said some of those new trucks had 8 horses! But, why didn’t Aunt Debbie’s last letter say where he was going with that truck. All mysteries every one. And by the way what was taking Eric and Chase so long doing the morning chores? To say nothing about Trent, Savannah and Silas being driven by MacFinny… Where were they?

Now whose turn for the topic? I believe it must be Darrel’s time to choose the topic. What do you say, Darrel?

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