Where Do You Put Your Hope?

And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?
My only hope is in you. Psalms 39:7

Where is your hope? When we woke up in the morning, my husband used to always ask, “So, did you sleep well?” I would say, “Yes, I did,” and then he would tell me all the reasons why his night was the worse so far. And, it got worse every day until I said, “Stop. We have to stop asking how we slept. It’s no way to begin the day. I want to start my day with love and joy and peace and hope!”  So, now I wake up alone, and no one asks how I slept. Sometimes, I miss that conversation, but I try to think about what things will bring me joy, love, and hope. So, if I asked you what do you hope will happen today, and it could only be one thing, what would you hope for? Would you hope that Jesus would return and take us to heaven with Him? That is what David had in mind. His only hope was in the Lord.

If you read all of Psalm 39, you see that David realizes he is being punished for a transgression. He asks God to please stop punishing him so he can smile once again. “Leave me alone so I can smile again before I am gone and exist no more.” Psalm 39:13  Yet, in the midst of all this, he had nothing and no one to hope in, but God.

Without hope, life becomes one scene after another until someone says, is this all there is?  We live 60, 70, maybe 100 years and then nothing? One day after the other and then nothing? But, if you are a Christian, you have Jesus, and the wondrous hope that one day, he will come back for his bridegroom, his Church, you and I, and we will rule with Him forever in peace, love, and joy.  What a wondrous hope.

If you have put your hope in a human you know how that can often lead to disappointment. He or she might have had great intentions but things happen. My husband bought us two little statues when we were about forty. They were a Grampa and Grammy sitting in rocking chairs. He told me that was us living out our old age together. I know he certainly intended that would be the way it was, but it wasn’t to be. Now, we can’t be together. But, my hope is in God, as is his hope, and one day we believe we will be together, again. You have to put your hope in God, not in man.

I pray that you will wake up each and every morning and take great pleasure in knowing your hope is sure because it is in God.  I pray the purpose of your life is a part of that hope. May God bless you as you hope in Him.

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